Morning mountains by Doug Matthews + some Photoshop magic

Morning mountains by Doug Matthews

I’m in awe of the new Morning mountains print by Doug Matthews over at L’Affiche Moderne. It’s stunning, PLUS I feel it would fit perfectly above the chest of drawers I fixed. To be sure – and to convince the husbando – I did some quick Photoshop magic. Here it is, virtually in the livingroom, surrounded with the prints we already have.

Photoshop magic

What do you think – yay or nay?

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  1. 1

    Fits perfectly! :)
    Mainitsin muuten uusimmassa Divaanissa lemppariblogejani ja sinunkin ihanuus siellä mukana. ;) Kiitos inspiraatioista ja upeista kuvista!

  2. 6

    nice, but then anything would work on top of that set-up…

    do you feel it in your heart? then take action…only you know what is true

  3. 7
    Novi On The Go

    I think the print is gorgeous, has an Asian feel about it (just like your wallpaper with the cranes) and goes with the room. But I agree with Jan, your heart will tell you. :)

  4. 11

    Saija, huomasinkin sen, tosi hauska yllätys! Iso kiitos sinulle! Niin ja sinulla on tosi kaunis blogi myös :)

    Ja kiitos kommenteista, minä alan olla vakuuttunut että sopii. Mutta mies ei ihan vielä… :)

  5. 12

    Thank you all for your input! I think my heart says yes, but the husband isn't convinced yet… So we'll see :)

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