Kitchen: Before & After

Kitchen: Before & After

Kitchen before

Kitchen before

I was going through old photos transfering them to external hard drives (I have waaayyy too many photos on my computer, seems I can’t delete) when I came across these photos from the kitchen, taken a year ago. I had totally forgot how it looked like before we painted it, and realized I hadn’t showed proper “Before” shots here either.

The cabinet doors are some kind of wood-imitation, MDF probably, with a wood trim. And the tiles… Well let’s just say it looks very typical 1990’s Finnish kitchen. As you can see, we already had taken some doors down before I got my camera out.

Kitchen after

We painted the doors with Tikkurila Empire alkyd paints. The colors were K370 (turquoise) and 9721 (pink). We should have painted the tiles in the backsplash with similar (alkyd) paint. That’s what the guy in the paint store said as well. But instead we decided to paint them with linseed oli paint. Not a good idea. First I tried to sand the tiles to get the surface more coarse. But it didn’t help much. Then I painted with primer. I didn’t manage to get it very even, so the tiles now have a stripy texture to them. I finished with 2-3 coats of linseed oli paint.

Kitchen after

With the alkyd paint we probably would have ended up with a smoother surface. But more importantly, we didn’t take into account that linseed oli paint get yellow in dark. So now, a year later, you can see from the tiles where we hang oven mitts, where we keep olive oil and balsamico etc. They have left yellow patches behind them. You can even tell the shape of the object. The moral of the story? Don’t paint areas that are going to be in dark with linseed oil paint.

This is still a temporary solution, although I thought by now we’d have the “real” kitchen remodel done. But things don’t go always as you plan, so I’m happy we did this. In my opinion it’s still nicer than it was before.

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  1. 1

    Onnea Jutta uusille sivuillesi! Oikein hyvältä näyttää♥ Linkittelen sut ja jään ehdottomasti seuraamaan Koottuja Muruja täälläkin :)Ja tää keittiö on yhtä ilahduttava edelleen :D

  2. 3

    I love seeing your kitchen before and after photos! It is amazing what some paint and hard work can do! So cheery and sweet now -I like all your tins on your shelves and your canisters with the little labels. Nice work Jutta!

  3. 4

    I adore your *new* kitchen. It’s so incredibly happy. I just blogged your after photos with links back to you. I hope that’s ok! Lovely work…

  4. 8

    Herttinen miten hyväntuulinen muutos keittiössä. Meillä on vuokra-asunnossa nuo tismalleen samat kaapistot/ovet. Minä raikastin ilmettä vaihtamalla vetimet, mutta tuo on jotain ihan extraa!

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