Art by Saija Starr

Leiri by Saija Starr

Art by Saija Starr

For quite some time I’ve been admiring the work by Finnish artist Saija Starr. I found her via her blog Cosy Home and soon got to know she’s a talented artist with amazing sense of color. Her paintings are filled with vibrant colors, abstract forms and semi-abstract landscapes.

Art by Saija Starr

I wish some day to own a piece by her. So I decided to test with a little help by Photoshop how they would look on our wall.

Art by Saija Starr

Art by Saija Starr

Art by Saija Starr

Perfect, don’t you think? Hard to decide which one is the favorite.

Art by Saija Starr

In Finnish / Suomeksi

Olen aivan ihastunut Saija Starrin taiteeseen. Moni varmasti tuntee hänet Cosy Home -blogin kautta, joka on myös yksi lemppareistani. Haaveeni on, että joku kaunis päivä meillä olisi seinällä hänen maalauksensa. Siksi päätinkin testailla Photoshopin avulla, miltä ne näyttäisivät täällä. Aivan ihanilta. Vaikea päättää suosikkia.

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  1. 4

    Oh, I love these! Not only am I liking the art, but I really like how they look in your space. I think I like the first two best.

    Our bedroom and a bathroom walls are painted a similar color to your LR and this is also giving me some ideas for new colors that would look good in those spaces. It’s also reminding me that I’d love more of this color in our home! Bright and cheery, but not a basic white or hard to pair w/other colors.

  2. 5

    Katriina, niin ehkä minunkin, ainakin meidän seinällä :)

    nalle, Saija-fan club kokoontuu! :D

    Hosuli, niinpä niin, vielä joskus!

  3. 6

    Juliette, it’s surprising how easy it is to pair this color with other colors. Just a matter of finding the right tone.

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