Kuusamo part I

Reindeer on the way

Here are some of the Kuusamo photos I promised earlier. I have never seen so many reindeers at one time, even though I’ve been to Kuusamo and Lapland before. Maybe autumn is some kind of wandering time for them, I don’t know, but they were everywhere. Luckily the dogs only saw them behind a window. Otherwise I’m sure Mansikki would have chased them all the way to Russia.

Mansikki almost swimming

The dogs looked so happy. Sometimes Mansikki made us a bit worried. She would disappear into the woods, but came back later.

Trip to Kuusamo

Our travel itinerary from Oulu to Kuusamo.

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    Kiitos Heidi! :)

    Hipsu, no en minäkään ole ikinä noin montaa nähnyt. Tuokin poro kaiveli varpaanvälejään keskellä tietä, eikä huomannut meitä ennen kuin Panu tööttäsi. Sittenkin jäi vain möllöttämään, piti kiertää sen ympäri. Hauskoja otuksia :)

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    julia - rockthathorse

    oeeeeh, that looks like a phantastic trip! I'd love to go there, bu have to wait until my little daughter is a bit older. Always wanted to see reindeers and maybe an elk, too.

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