Progress in the livingroom, slowly but surely

Renovation progress part I

We started renovating the livingroom almost three weeks ago. I thought that by now we would have had all the walls painted and the floor at least one coat. But, as always, all kinds of unexpected things occur and have to be addressed. The room is still far from finished, but it’s getting there and I like it more every day. Here are some snapshots from the renovation photo album.

The top wallpaper was soooo 90’s. It had bumpy plastic surface so we had to get rid of it. All the other wallpapers we left on the walls, as much as we could, because the history of the house lives in them. Oh, and if you are like me and thought that accent walls are a new invention – then you are wrong! Our livingroom has had an accent wall since 1960’s. Maybe not always the coolest color, but hey, you can’t argue over matters of taste.

Renovation progress part II
We found perfect wooden floor under the parquet and cork carpet! Yee-haa! It’s going to be sanded and painted when the walls are done. Normally we would have evened out the walls with newspapers but to save Panu’s back and time we used maculature paper from Domus Classica.

Renovation progress part III

And this is yesterday. It doesn’t look like it in the pictures, but the room is big. There’s a LOT of walls to paint. Luckily Panu felt better yesterday and helped me with it. Now we are done with the primer and almost the first coat of paint. Second coat on the walls and two coats on the floors – then we can just wait for the paint to dry. Except I already have some DIY plans for those weeks too, hehe.

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    Pilvitarha, sanoppa muuta :) Sain eilen yhdelle seinälle maalattua toisen kerroksen ja näyttää se vihreämmältä. Makulatuuripaperi on niin keltaista, että se taisi kellertää.

    Georgianna, thanks so much, you are so sweet! Hope you are having a lovely week! Here it's cold and rainy, it's officially fall, but I actually like it :)

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