Three years together and an Elf

Good Elf

Exactly three years ago from yesterday I confessed my huge big crush to my then co-worker Panu. Six months from that he proposed to me, and a year later we were married. Now, I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but yesterday morning Panu woke up to an Elf (tonttu in Finnish) next to his bed.

Unlike Mr. Elf who lives on my vanity and takes the occasional stroll in the garden, this one was black. I believe his color to be a clear indication that the Elf has come to live in Panu’s music room, where black metal reigns. Surprising – yes – but not totally unheard of. For every house needs an elf or two.

Bad Elf

The Elf looks like a gardener, but I’m not quite sure what kind of garden he tends. Maybe we’ll just have to wait and see…

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    Georgianna, thanks :) And it was difficult, believe me! I'm tremendously shy, so I had to gather all my courage to do it. But, as it turned out, my husband had similar feelings but was even more shy! :)

  2. 11

    Oh, that's so sweet. That sounds like me and my fiancé. He never thought I would be interested in him, but I had a HUGE crush on him. We've been together 2 years, and we're getting married next summer. <3

    Happy anniversary!

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