Sneak peek in to the livingroom

Sneak peek in to the livingroom

Now how wrong was I when I thought we’d have the livingroom pretty much renovated in two weeks? Very. But now, after 7 weeks we are almost there! The finish line is nearing and I couldn’t be happier. There’s still a little something left, like painting the moldings and getting the electrician to redo the wires. And decorating. Oh, how I’ve waited to decorate this room.

Out of all the rooms we have renovated, on this I’ve worked the hardest. Maybe that’s why now I also feel the most proudest of it. Do you ever get that feeling? That you work and you work and you almost loose the sight of the goal at some point. But when you get there, it has all been worth it. Well that is how I’m feeling at the moment, even if we’re quite not there yet.

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    oh my goodness, this is looking FABULOUS! yay!! I hear you though on things taking longer; we didn't get our stupid pictures hung this weekend b/c now we're hunting for sconces. Can't hang the pictures until the sconces are up…spacing. gah! But it's still fun…just slow!

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    Heidi - Suklaamarenki

    Ihanaakin ihanampi keltainen! Useinpa rempatessa aikataulut venähtää ja tahtoo päämäärä unohtua :)Onneksi loppun häämöttäessä muistuu mieleen että mitä, miksi ja minkälaista :))
    Ahkeria olette olleet!

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    I LOVE it!!!! Congratulations to you and Panu and I know that sense of accomplishment when you've really worked hard. I hope you have many happy days and nights in this lovely new room. xo – g

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    Hei, kiitos kaikille ihanista kommenteistanne!!

    Pilvitarha, hyvä lisäys tuo "ainakin joskus" :D

    Minna, sohva löydettiin huuto.netistä joskus reilu vuosi sitten. Olen vain odottanut, että saisi olohuoneen siihen kuntoon, että sen voi tuoda sinne :)

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