Crazy shopping: Aalto Pendant lamp A330S

Aalto Pendant Lamp A330S

This morning I woke up way too early early to go shopping. A Finnish department store Stockmann has a sale twice a year called Crazy Days. Last spring we bought our gorenje fridge there. This time the A330S pendant lamp designed by Alvar Aalto was in sale for half price. I thought they might be in quite a demand, so I tried to get there early. The store opens at 8AM, I got there 8:04, and there was only a few left! Luckily they still had my color of choice. By the time I got mine paid, they had sold out completely. Crazy, huh?

Aalto Pendant Lamp A330S

This is what I would have liked to have: three brass pendants hanging above the dining table. But as Panu reminded me, our kitchen is tiny. Blah, blah, blah. He is always such a voice of reason. But, admittedly, he is right. So I only got one. Don’t you hate when that happens? (I love you, husbando! ;)

Aalto Pendant Lamp A330S

All images: Artek

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    My mom actually had to go through a negotiation at Hullut päivät with some man who as desperately as she wanted the same phone – the last one. Don't know better how the negotiation went, but in the end my mother got that phone ;) It is cool, though, old fashioned radiophone. Shame they don't have a landline anymore…

    Anyways, cool lamp and fits your huusholli, even I've never been the biggest Aalto-fan. Shame on me ;D

  2. 7

    Vautsivau mikä lipaston muodonmuutos. Olohuoneessa näyttää muutenkin jo tosi kivalta, tykkään noista väreistä. Ja tämä uusin postaus, mä en tuollaisesta lampusta tiennytkään, mutta se on hauskan muotoinen. Onneksi sait omasi. Miehet on kyllä niin hyviä olemaan meidän kanssa eri mieltä… huoh. :)

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