Mr. Eames in holiday mood

Mr. Eames in holiday mood

After seeing first snow mr. Eames was feeling festive and demanded that I hang some appropriate decorations. So, what is a woman to do? I think it’s a bit early, but on the other hand, I want to keep everyone in our household happy. Therefore mr. Eames is now holding a kusudama ball and a paper globe (click links for instructions), both of which I crafted ages ago.

He asked for some lights too, for he feels they accentuate his beautiful profile. I got the felted lights (originally by Hélène Magnússon on Etsy) from the Vanity. She looks a bit naked now. I think mr. Eames might have started a chain reaction.

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    Ei ole missään tapauksessa liian aikaista!

    Joulumieli on tarttunut jo minuunkin. Se tulee näiden nopeasti lyhenevien päivien myötä. Piparkakkuja on tehnyt mieli jo jonkin aikaa ja maalla loin jo viikonloppuna katsauksen jouluvalokaappiin ja mietin, että pian nuo pääsevät pihalle.

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