Beautiful packaging: Claus Porto soaps

Beautiful soaps

I just totally fell for the stunning packaging of these Claus Porto bath soaps when I saw them at Stockmann. We don’t have a bath tub, and anyway my skin is so sensitive I avoid using scented products. But I couldn’t resist these soaps. So instead of using them for washing, I’m going to keep them in the wardrobe for beautiful fragrance. I used to have incense sticks for that, but these are much prettier.

Beautiful soaps

Beautiful soaps

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    Wow, these are beautiful! Putting them in the drawer is such a great idea. I also have a problem with scented products – I have a lot of goat's milk soap with herbs and flowers which are wonderful and very fragrant. I'll have to try them in drawers.

    I'm sorry I'm a bit behind here but will catch up. Look forward to all the renos news! xo – g

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