Pertti the animation

This animated short film was my thesis work when I graduated, but I had since then almost forgotten about it. I watched it for the first time in ages when I put it up on my work portfolio. It made me realize how much I miss making animations. Especially that kind of traditional, frame-by-frame hand drawn. It took countless hours to complete but we had so much fun. One of my favorite parts was recording the sounds. The role of Pertti, the little boy, was played by my friend’s 7-year old son.

The animation is in Finnish, but there’s English subtitles. And anyway there’s not so much talk. But I’m warning you, it’s not for the faint-hearted! :)

Another thing, there’s still time to enter the giveaway.

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    Heidi - Suklaamarenki

    Ihana kekseliäs Pertti! Katselin tätä tyttöjen kanssa ja saivat kunnon naurukohtauksen vessanpyttyvaahtokylvyssä hampaitaan pesevästä Pertistä. Kysymys kuuluin :" Äiti miten hampaat voi harjata samalla harjalla kuin pympän, eikö hampaat haise kakalle?" Hehhee :))
    Kiitos Jutta, tämä oli mainio!

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