Everybody was kung fu fighting Disco dancing

Disco dancing in the home office

Yo-hoo, we had a moment of sun. It was brief and there still wasn’t much light. We are in the middle of kaamos. You know, in the summer we get midnight sun when the sun doesn’t set at all. But of course, to balance it, we have to have a time when the sun barely shows her face.

Disco dancing in the home office

I got the disco ball from Panu as an anniversary present. Now it’s hanging in the home office. There’s a motor that spins it and colorful, blinking LED lights if you plug it in. Now we can have our own disco in the home office.

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    Heidi - Suklaamarenki

    Pari pyörähdystä discopallon kimalluksessa työn lomassa ei liene ollenkaan hullumpi tapa lisätä luovuutta :) Ihanaa terapiaa pimeään. Toivottasti Muru voi jo paremmin, rapsuja ♥

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    Your title grabbed my attention, for sure, Jutta. Love the disco ball! I know that darkness – I spent some years in Alaska – ugh. I hated it. But I liked playing tennis outside at midnight in the summer! Hope you are all cozy. xo – g

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