Dreamy winter home in Sweden

Dreamy winter home

I was flipping through my old decor magazines as I stumbled into this dreamy Swedish home in Divaani. I had bookmarked it before and could immediately remember why. It’s so stunning. It was photographed by Petra Bindel, who I guess is the interior photographer on everyone’s lips at the moment. At least I seem to be bumping into her photos constantly, and no wonder. They are stunning. From her portfolio I could see the same home in Elle Interiör.

Dreamy winter home

I love how this home is both soft and romantic – and rough at the same time. Nothing looks too polished. There’s little quirky details all over. Like is that a Wunderbaum I see hanging there?

Dreamy winter home

I think I might die out of sheer happiness if we had a kakluuni oven like that.

Dreamy winter home

Dreamy winter home

Dreamy winter home

This home is just too cool for words. I mean look at the pink guitar with that scary doll. And could I have that shoe collection, por favor??

There’s a LOT more stunning interiors in Petra Bindel’s website, so pop on over for a healthy morning dose of beauty.

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    Linda from Heartfire At Home

    Oooooh, sigh….. completely gorgeous! It has bookshelves that go around a doorway, a stack of glorious cushions, art walls, an owl in the bathroom, beautiful candles….. LOVE IT!!

    The light throughout the home is tremendous, and the chandelier in the first pic is gorgeous too.

    Thanks so much for linking up over on my blog!

    Linda. xox :)

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