Candle light in winter night

Candle light in winter night

I like to bring Christmas spirit in the house without spending fortunes (here’s some we did last year). Mostly it’s just using what we already have in new ways and doing things by ourselves. However, there are some things we bought “new” from a flea market.

The red glass candle sticks only cost 2 euros. And they were CLEARLY calling my name.

Tea lights on a Moroccan tray

The Moroccan style tray cost 3 euros, which I don’t think is bad either. It’s perfect for tea lights, I love the way it forms lights and shadows. And I love how you don’t need much to create a warm and cozy atmosphere with candles.

Next step I’m planning is to take this wreath from last year and transform it with branches and fairy lights. (Don’t you just love that word, fairy lights? :))

What about you? Got any great tips for decorating for the Holidays?

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    I’m planning on picking up a bunch of fresh evergreen clippings later this week to use around the house. They smell good, and even just a little sprig by a picture frame or candle makes it look ‘decorated’.

    Must admit I’m totally jealous over the candlesticks! =) What a great find/price!

  2. 4

    Jutta, I seriously adore these images! They are gorgeous – color, light, beauty! Those candlesticks are fantastic, as is the tray. You’re right, it doesn’t take much to create a magical, festive ambiance. And I love “fairy lights”, too.

    I just got to start decorating yesterday after finishing a big project. I’m currently doing in the dining room – white and silver. I’m not buying anything new just yet – I wait until after Christmas when everything is on sale.

    Have a wonderful week! xo – g

  3. 5

    Joulukukat, kynttilät ja meillä se kuusi (koira on niin pieni ettei saa tuhoa aikaan vaikka riehuisikin). Noin niinkuin pääsääntöisesti. Saa tosin nähdä mitä tapahtuu kun kaivan joulukoristelaatikon esille.

    Eka kuva on niin kaunis.

  4. 6

    Ihana tunnelma ensimmäisessä kuvassa.

    Meillekään ei tule joulukuusta – samasta karvaisesta syystä kuin teillä. Tykkään kuitenkin joulupalloista, joten olen ottanut tavaksi täyttää kaksi lasista hurrikaanilyhtyä kauniilla palloilla. Lisäksi ripustelen palloja ikkunoihin ja lamppuihin.

  5. 8

    Love the tray with the coulourful tea lights!
    I also bought some christmas decoration at the fleamarket – isn`t it great to find beautiful stuff for little money?
    (I did the chocolate myself – it is not so hard to do: just melt your favourite chocolate and ad some incredients like crushed cornflakes, fudge or anything you have in mind, fill it into siliconforms and let it cool down – easy, isn`t it?)

  6. 9

    Hello Jutta, I have not visit you for some time and now I have to tell you, that I`m very excited about your new home. So beautiful. And I love your shop! So much … I’ve written a post (but only in german, maybe you can use google translator :) … Greets from Germany, caro

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