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During the holidays there were two features about our home, first in Finnish newspaper Kaleva. You can read the story here (in Finnish) in you’d like. Initially I was very nervous letting someone else come to our home to take pictures. Until now it’s been me and me only, so I’ve been able to edit out anything I didn’t feel comfortable showing to the world. But in the end it was nice, I had worried for no reason.

Indoor magazine

The second was an interview with my photographs in the Chinese Indoor magazine. I feel so proud to be included in such great company. In the same issue you can find for example the amazing Sibella Court.

Indoor magazine

The only thing, I don’t understand what it says. So if anyone is able to translate the story for me, I’d be extra happy!

(Click the pictures to see them bigger.)

Indoor magazine

Indoor magazine

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    Onneksi olkoon! Näyttää hyvältä. Yhdessä kuvassa näkyi peura tarjotin. Kenen valmistamia nämä ovat? Näin viimeksi kun olin Tukholmassa samaan sarjaan kuuluvan hienon apina tarjottimen, joka on jäänyt vähän kummittelemaan… Mutta netin kautta etsiminen ei onnistu kun ei ole valmistajan nimeä.

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