Pillow factory

Old curtains + sewing machine = pillow case

A while back I spotted some old curtains at a thrift store. I had no idea what to do with them but I liked them. A while back Panu spotted a funny looking sewing machine at the same thriftstore. We didn’t know what to do with it but we thought it might come in handy one day. And lo and behold, the day came when both of these investments found their purpose!

Singer Starlet 353

When decorating the living room I realized the curtains would make lovely pillow cases. So I dug the sewing machine out and tested to see if it worked and it did. It is a Singer Starlet 353 from approximately 1973 but it was in almost perfect working condition. I had to buy a new presser foot, but it was really easy to find. They still sell parts for almost 40 years old sewing machines! The sewing machine also needs some loving care (or at least oil) because it screeches like a tormented cat. But other than that, it’s perfect.

New pillowcases

Now I haven’t touched a sewing machine for over 15 years (my god I feel old for saying that) but I found the simplest tutorial on how to make pillow cases on Chez Larsson. The simplicity encouraged me to give it a try myself and voila!

New pillowcases

I have more old curtains lined up, waiting to become pillows, but I think I might have to take care of the screeching first. Then the pillow factory will be working on full steam again.

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    Love it! I use old curtains for lining things and have made a purse and apron as well. And yes, pillows are a simple way to make a big impact. I just finished a ‘tester’ of a pattern and am really pleased. Now to make the ‘real’ versions!

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    I have One of These from new for my 21st birthday i am now 60, and it still goes i hanenot used it in a while but my other machine Is Being Services, so I got this One out i have just tempted a DIY Service and its taken a while but i feel good abouth it One of the feet has broken and I have to wedge it but am looking at getting a replacement, cleaned the
    outside as well so its looking good just normal Weare and tear
    It was £85 new 40 years ago my mum and Dad saved up to buy it, Sounds silly but it was expensive at the time,and i still Love using it

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