The other Mansikki

The other Mansikki

When I was a kid we used to spend summers at my Grandma’s place. She lived on a farm and grew Finnish native cows. They are quite small, kind and have no horns. In the evenings we would herd the cows back from the fields into the barn and Grandma tought us how to milk them.

Mansikki is a very typical name for a cow in Finland, although I don’t think any of my Grandma’s cows were called Mansikki. When people find out our dog is called Mansikki they usually laugh and make jokes. In the beginning I was a bit embarrassed. But now I think it’s a sweet name for a sweet dog :)

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    Lotta, se oli vähän niin kuin vahinko. Ehottelin Panulle kaikenlaisia koirannimiä, mutta mikään ei kelvannut. Jossain vaiheessa hermostuin että mikä Mansikki sen sitten pitäisi olla, ja SIITÄ Panu innostui. Sen piti aluksi olla pelkkä työnimi, mutta jotenkin se jäi elämään… ;)

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