Trunk with wheels

Trunks with wheels

I have truly enjoyed reading all your thoughts and opinions on the survey, thank you so much! I will be making a summary of the results next week, like some of you asked. If you haven’t filled in the survey yet, you can do it here. (In Finnish: Suomeksi täällä.)

Now to something interiors related. We have a huge army surplus trunk (or box or whatever it’s called) in the living room. It’s so big and heavy I can’t move it around by myself without scraping the floor. Which I have already. So last night we got some castors and screws from Bauhaus and – problemo solvedo!

Trunks with wheels

It looks maybe a bit out of proportion, but I think it’s funny and sympathetic. Plus it’s more practical. Although normally if I had to choose between beauty and practicality, I would choose beauty. When it comes to home decor, that is.

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