February days

Winter lace


You were asking to know more about daily life in Finland and Oulu in the survey. In the last week or so, one word can pretty much sum it up: FREEZING. It has been extremely cold, even for Finnish weather, from -20°C to -30°C (-4F to -22F). We haven’t been able to do much outside the house.

Mansikki is bored

It’s too cold even for the dogs. They are soooo bored.

Drawing in progress

But there’s one positive thing about this boredom: the sun. The sun has been shining bright all week. It makes being stuck in the house much nicer. I have been able to photograph and I’m really enjoying my new drawing space. I even had to close the curtains because it was getting too bright! Artists’ studios should have large windows facing north. The only window facing north in our house is in the kitchen, and it’s quite small. The living room windows face south so during the day it actually get’s too sunny. But I’m not complaining, I’m taking in all the light :)

Happy weekend!

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    Yes, I sure did want to know more about life in Finland. But I’m afraid I now know I won’t visit in winter! :)

    I’m very glad you have the lovely bright light. That makes up for so much. I hope it’s warming up outside, too. xo

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    Georgianna, Finland is very beautiful, but you should definitely visit in summer! It’s getting warmer though, during the weekend we managed to take the dogs for longer walks already.

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