Making a picture ledge/trim

Staircase before

Some were asking more before and after shots in the survey. We do have some, and it was fun digging through the archives. Here is how the staircase looked before, in it’s full early 90’s glory.

Staircase after

And here it is now, after some tender love and care. We built wainscotting in the staircase as it felt like the right thing to do. The panels were custom made, modeled after panels we have in the basement staircase. We wanted the trim to also work as a picture ledge. With a picture ledge you can display art and change it whenever you want to, without hammering nails to the walls.

Picture ledge/trim profileWe couldn’t find a right kind of ledge/trim in the stores. So we got two different kinds and attached them together to get the size and profile we wanted. We figured 3 cm (1,2″) would be wide enough for pictures to stay put.

The ledge is really quite simple to do. You just need two pieces of wood, wood glue, hammer and nails, sandpaper and paint (if you wish). First glue the pieces together with wood glue. Because of the shape of the other piece, we weren’t able to clamp the pieces together for the glue to dry properly. That’s why Panu used small nails to secure the fastening. After the glue has dried sand off any glue residue.

How to make a picture ledge/trim

Next step is to paint enough many coats. Three in our case, as we used linseed oil paint. Should have used something else. The staircase is so dark the paint has gotten yellow-ish in just two months! I might paint it over with Uula Into sometime later if it gets worse. I’m starting to think linseed oil paint is just for outdoor use.

When the paint has dried nail the ledge to the wainscotting. Paint one more coat to hide the nails. We still have the final step to do. It’s always like that. When you get to the point of quite alright, a sudden laziness hits. But we’ll get there, some day.

In Finnish / Suomeksi

Laitoimme portaikkoon puolipaneelin, koska se tuntui jotensakin tilanteeseen sopivalta ratkaisulta. Paneelit teetettiin Tillmanilla mallin mukaan, sillä halusimme samanlaista kuin kellarin portaissa. Paneelien reunalistasta tuli samalla paikka vaihtuvalle taidenäyttelylle.

Sopivan kokoista ja mallista reunalistaa ei löytynyt alan liikkeistä, joten tekaisimme sellaiset itse. Puuliimalla vain rimat yhteen ja vielä varmistukset pikkuisilla nauloilla. Panu hioi ylimääräiset liimajämät pois liiman kuivuttua. Maalasimme listat muutamaan kertaan pellavaöljymaalilla (saattoi olla virhe, portaikko on niin pimeä että se kellastuu jo.) Maalatut listat naulattiin paneeleihin. Vielä pitäisi maalata naulojen päät peittoon, mutta iski yhtäkkinen saamattomuus. Jotenkin kun alkaa näyttää tarpeeksi hyvältä, on vaikea saada itsestään irti se viimeinen ponnistus. Ehkä joku päivä vielä…

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