In my dreams: Magazine storage

Magazine storage

via This is Glamorous

At this moment my collection of decor magazines is taking half of our book shelf. Poor books don’t have a home, they are piled wherever. I would like Panu (or somebody) to build me similar shelves in the living room and I could move the magazines there. I would paint the shelves the same color as the wall, just like in the photo. And then our dogs would lie under them, happily, just like in the photo.

Actually, I was first asking Panu to build similar shelves above our bed, but he refused. He said they would fall on our heads when we were sleeping. Ah, men. Always thinking about secondary things like safety.

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    I love this idea! We have a raised fireplace bench/hearth thing, I think I will stack magazines underneath and see how it looks. The magazines look so much better when they are grouped together like that!

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