Little home tour

Little home tour

Here’s some photos of our home from last April. You might remember seeing some of them in the Design*Sponge sneak peek, but I thought it would be nice to post them here as well.

Living room

Living room

My little drawing corner is hidden behind the screen.

My drawing table in the living room corner

I have been so happy with it. I do hope some day I’ll have a real studio space where I can make a proper mess. But compared to the kitchen table, this is way better.

My home office

My home office

And here’s how my home office looks now.

Mansikki and Muru in the foyer

When you leave our house, Muru and Mansikki come to say bye-bye.

Muru eating Mansikki in the foyer

… Or they’ll try to eat each others heads off.

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    hi jutta, just ran across your home tour on design sponge and clicked over to your blog. i have a question about the screen, did you just make the coat rack with a curtain on it or is it secured in some way on the bottom? it’s gorgeous, just like the rest of your home! and your dogs are adorable :D

  2. 12

    I love your home office. It looks perfectly and beautifully organized, really inspiring! And blue is one of my favourites too :-) Thanks for sharing! I like all these little details and the ecclectic style of your home. Colourful, cosy and welcoming :-)

  3. 24

    Hi Jutta!
    I just found your blog and I think your house is so beautiful! I love your office space the most because that is the exact color of my bedroom. I have the same high white ceilings also. I have a similar chandelier (which I wanted to paint but after looking at your place I’ll leave it gold. I have the mirror ball hanging from the chandelier but somehow they don’t look good together. Would you mind sharing a photo of your ceiling to see how you installed the mirror ball? I like how they look separately! Hope I’m not being too nosy with this petition.

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