Romance at IKEA Livet Hemma

IKEA Livet Hemma

IKEA Livet Hemma

Lately I’ve been longing for a bit more romance. I dream of painting the bedroom white (yes, you heard me) and I’ve been making a peony light garland. Maybe that’s why these photos by IKEA Livet Hemma spoke to me. I must say at IKEA they are masters of styling.

IKEA Livet Hemma

IKEA Livet Hemma

IKEA Livet Hemma

In Finnish / Suomeksi

Minulla on viime aikoina ollut pieni romantiikan kaipuu. Haaveilen makuuhuoneen maalaamisesta valkoiseksi (kyllä, kuulitte oikein) ja olen värkännyt sinne silkkikukista valoköynnöstä. Ehkä siksi nämä IKEA Livet Hemman kuvat kolahtivat. Täytyy sanoa, että IKEAlla ovat stailauksen mestareita.

All images: IKEA Livet Hemma
Photographer Patric Johansson / Stylists Anna Mårselius and Saša Antić

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    Ikea makes me happy too!It is fifteen minutes from my home! Even a pretty side plate makes my day :-) It is always interesting to see how we incorporate their stuff into our homes and yet each home looks different. Looking forward to seeing the garland…

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    Our nearest Ikea is 2 hours drive from here, so I collect a shopping list over time of what to get when we go there next time. Well actually now with the baby I might send my sister to do the shopping :)

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