Paper Star Curtains

Paper Star Curtains

Origami star curtain

Here’s some decorations I made for Christmas, origami star curtains for the kitchen window. I folded them following these instructions. They were pretty easy to follow, normally I need video instructions. On the white stars I added some gold glitter glue, because Christmas requires blingbling.

The little elf is watching everyone is nice, not naughty.


Amaryllis looks like a star too.

Origami star curtain

Now I want to wish you all wonderful, happy Holidays and a beautiful New Year! Hugs and kisses to all of you!!

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  1. 8

    No! No! No one could possibly be naughty out there ;-) ;-) Jutta, I have been making fruit mince pies with the cookie cutters you so thoughtfully sent me last year…..thinking of Juttaland each time I use it and sending you lots of love XX

  2. 9

    Hei. Verhot ovat ihanat! Näin ne uusimmassa Avotakassa ja ihastuin niihin heti. Haluaisin ja ehkä ehtisinkin taittelemaan joitakin joulukuuseen. En vain ole löytänyt yhtä kauniita papereita kuin sinulla. Olisiko sinulla vinkata, mistä voisin löytää kauniita papereita?

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