What Will Happen to Christmas?

What Will Happen to Christmas?

…When someone kidnapped Santa’s Elf! Oh no! I hope he will be rescued on time.

(Sorry, I just couldn’t resist :) Happy Holidays!)

In Finnish / Suomeksi

Voi ei, miten joulun nyt käy? Joku kidnappasi tontun! Toivottavasti hänet pelastetaan ajoissa.

(Sori, en voinut vastustaa :) Hyvää joulua vielä kerran!)

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    Am on my way right now!!………. how I am missing all the fun here…little busy holidaying with family down from New Zealand….wishing you a beautiful Christmas and a blessed New Year
    XX and a XX for your little one :-)

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    Madhu, so nice to see you here! I’ve missed your sweet bakings :) Nice to hear you are enjoying time with family. Sending you lots of love and wishing you a wonderful New Year!

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