Preparing for Easter

Easter chicks and muscati

Last weekend we were preparing for Easter. Too early for our boy to paint Easter eggs, but we got some colorful chicks and sowed barley and ryegrass. A little late for them, but hopefully they grow before next weekend.

Growing barley for Easter


Easter chicks and muscati

Little Easter witches, virpojas brought us decorated twigs. It’s a bit similar tradition to trick-or-treating on Halloween in the US, but kids dress up as witches or cats and recite a little Easter poem wishing good luck and health. In exchange they get candy or money.

Decorated twigs from Easter witches

Decorated twigs from Easter witches

In Finnish / Suomeksi

Viikonloppuna valmisteltiin pääsiäistä. Laitettiin värikkäitä tipuja ja kylvettiin ohraa ja rairuohoa. Vähän myöhässä oltiin ruohojen kanssa liikenteessä, toivottavasti ehtivät vielä kasvaa.

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    Georgianna, we used to have lots of fun dressing up as witches as kids, so I’m looking forward when my baby is old enough for that.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend too! xo

    Madhu, well actually the poor little guy got scared when I showed him the chicks up close! But he got over it soon :) Have a lovely weekend dear! xo

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