DIY Origami Lamp Shade

DIY Origami Lamp Shade

Me and the husband made a new lamp shade for the foyer using cardboard. We’d been looking for a new lamp for some time, because Panu wasn’t happy with the green light of the old one, and I wasn’t happy with its small size. Then I remembered these instructions found via Kolmas kerros and voila! There it is!

DIY Origami Lamp Shade

Cardboard was a bit difficult to handle in big size, paper would have probably been easier. You could also use decorative origami paper or even giftwrap. Smaller lanterns would also look nice grouped together. (That’s my plan for the bedroom.)

DIY Origami Lamp Shade

Yes yes, one happy dog here.

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    Heippa, kiitos kaikille kauheasti kommenteista! Yllättävän helppo tuo oli askarrella. Ainoastaan kolmen ison kartongin kasaan kursiminen oli vaikeampaa ja vaati kahta ihmistä, ainakin meillä :)

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    Juliette, thanks so much!

    kaylovesvintage, he should try! :D Folding it was easy, just getting the three big cardboards together was a bit more challenging. Smaller size and/or paper should be easier.

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    Heidi, suosittelen! Mukavaa puuhaa :)

    Hosuli, no varmasti osaat :)

    Jenni, hoksasinkin vasta sen jälkeen kun olimme tehneet valmiiksi, että sinulla olikin eri näköinen.

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    ohhh can I please have your dog? Pretty pretty please??? :} I would squeeze him and cuddle him and bring him the best food. :}

    On another note, I love what you guys are doing with the house, I like the idea that you renovate the old one. Although I’m in my twenties but I have that nostalgia and love of history (even if it’s very local, e.g. an old house or antique thing) instilled in me.

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    Agne, yes you can, come and pick her up!! ;D

    That’s nice what you say about having love of history. I know in Middle Europe 50-60 year old houses aren’t considered old or historical, 300 years old are! But here 50 years is already a pretty good age for a house :)

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    Jutta, I wonder what you would actually do if I turned up at your house one day to pick up the dog : )))

    Can I ask where you got the wallpaper from? I want it!

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    This lamp looks great! Although anyone who is thinking of attempting this should know that if you use this as a lamp, the bottom part cannot be sealed. The lamp must have full ventilation otherwise eventually it will catch on fire (basic physics). Leaving several inches open at the bottom is key. I hope this is a helpful tip!

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      Hi Camilla, it’s heavy cardstock so it’s quite thick. The light shines through though not as brightly as it would if the shade was for example glass. You could try folding it also from plain white paper, it wouldn’t be as sturdy but you’d probably get more light. But this works fine at least for us :)

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