Washi Tape Gift Tags

Washi Tape Gift Tags

Washi Tape Gift Tags

Washi Tape Gift Tags

I made some really cute and simple to make gift tags using washi tape. Mother’s Day is coming so I thought it would be a good project to share with you. All you need is washi tape, heavier cardstock paper (I used leftovers from printing and drawing paper that is not even very thick, 160g / 98lbs), a craft punch and a hole punch. I don’t have a proper hole punch, so I used an old office supply punch from maybe 1970’s.

Making Washi Tape Gift Tags

Download free gift tag template

If you don’t have a craft punch, you can download this free template I created, print it and use it to trace the gift tags.

Washi Tape Gift Tags

The tags look lovely if you adorn them with stickers or write little messages on them.

You can also use washi tape to make little pieces of art to cheer up any room. They are super simple to make. Just measure a right size paper (again, heavier cardstock will work better) to fit your frame and combine colors and patterns to your liking. Ta-dah!

Washi Tape Art

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      Georgianna, I can totally relate to your shopping spree!

      We are indeed having spring, finally. I’m sure your garden is already gorgeous in full bloom :)

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    This is a really cute project indeed! Sadly, I only own one type of washi tape, maybe this is the perfect time to stock up on some? It would definitely be great for upcoming birthdays!

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