My Baby Sleeps Here

My Baby Sleeps Here

Here’s an unseen corner of our bedroom. Mainly because there hasn’t been much to show, just the crib. But now I finally got some decor in. I’ve dreamed of the cloud mobile by The Butter Flying on Etsy for years, already during my first pregnancy. To accompany it I got the Für Neil moon poster. I got it here, but I’m sure you can find it online internationally too. The moon poster is on every Finnish blogger’s nursery wall, but I don’t mind. I’ve liked it a long time and still do.

Antto The Bear

The bear (is it a bear? I think so) is made by Tiina, who’s got an amazing style, check out her blog Muita ihania. I got it at Maker’s Market, where I should be adding some stuff for sale too. Maybe next weekend we’ll do a massive photo shoot, which will mainly consist of dragging stuff from the basement outside to photograph.

Moon and Cloud

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