DIY Marble Glass and POP Blogit

DIY Marble Glass and POP Blogit

For February Issue of Unelmien Talo&Koti magazine I marbled glass votives – with nail polish and warm water! The instructions are in Finnish, but if you google you should find a tutorial in English too. Or you can use Google Translate if you don’t mind funny results.


Recently I joined POP Blogit, home decor and lifestyle blogs in Oulu region. It’s nice to get to know other bloggers from my area. On their website you can see all the latest updates from the group. Most are in Finnish, but if you like Scandinavian, mostly white decor, go have a look at the photos.

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    Jenni / 2 x ILO

    Siis voi ei miten suloinen blogi sinulla on täällä! Siis niin ihanan erilainen! :) Aivan todella valoittava!!! <3 Olipa onni, että tavattiin lauantaina niin päätin tulla kurkkimaan blogisikin. Ja olen kyllä ihan niin haltioissani :) Olipas kyllä kiva tavata!! <3

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