Paint Swatches as Wallpaper

Paint Swatches as Wallpaper

Upstairs bathroom (or half bath, if you will) is the only room we haven’t renovated yet. And boy, does it show. It got a little better with the 50’s style wallpaper, and now by “wallpapering” with paint swatches from hardware store. It’s ok, if you don’t look at the vinyl flooring, or especially the plasticky tile replica backsplash! The paint swatches’ pixel effect is great for distracting the eye away from the less pleasing parts…

I wrote about wallpapering with paint swatches also for the October issue of Unelmien Talo&Koti magazine. The instructions (in Finnish) are on their website, as usual.

Paint chip wallpaper DIY by Jutta Rikola for Unelmien Talo&Koti magazine

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