Puppies And Unicorns for #unelmatapetti

Puppies And Unicorns for #unelmatapetti

Here’s a glimpse to how I’ve spent nights in November. Days I look after my kids, evenings I work and at night when everybody else is asleep, I’ve been drawing pictures for a wallpaper design. I was chosen along 11 other Finnish bloggers to take part in #unelmatapetti wallpaper design competition by Rautakesko, WallVision ja Metsä Board, to make my own wallpaper pattern (yaiks!)

At first I was going to make something sophisticated like flowers but soon realized sophistication is not our thing. Instead, unicorns are. So I gathered all things dreamy and wonderful (the name of the competition means dream wallpaper), drew them, and put them together. I’ll show you more later. We get our own designs printed digitally and I plan to hang mine on the living room wall. I’m so excited – and nervous – to see how it turns out!

(As you can see from the photos, lots of coffee was consumed during the process…)

Drawing a Unicorn

Drawing the cutest little chihuahua puppy

Illustration by Jutta Rikola

In cooperation with K-rauta, Rautia, WallVision and Metsä Board

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