Separate Language Versions for Finnish And English

Separate Language Versions for Finnish And English

I finally managed something I’ve meant to do for ages – separate language versions for the blog for Finnish and English. From now on all the post will be bilingual, but Finnish text won’t be at the end of the post like it used to, but as a separate page. I’ll change the older posts as well, but it’s still in progress.

I hope the change will help readers navigate through the blog easier, Finnish readers especially since they don’t have to scroll to the bottom of the post anymore, but international too, because there won’t be a long foreign text block anymore.

Kootut murut - English language version

The site should automatically detect your language. In case it doesn’t you can switch languages in the main menu. On mobile phones and tablets it can be found under the “hamburger”, photo below.

Language menu in mobile phone

What do you think? If you find something’s not working, please comment or email me and I’ll try to fix it.

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    Interesting, I’d love to hear how this works out for you.

    I used to have separate Finnish/English versions of my site and eventually I clumped them into one due to the additional work in maintaining them and the confusion because I didn’t feel like translating my blog posts in Finnish (especially the longer ones). But since you have been translating your posts this whole time, I’m sure it will be better for you.

    • 2

      I actually haven’t been translating my posts for the whole time, I’ve been going back and forth. I strted with only Finnosh, then added English. At some point I dropped Finnish altogether but after lot of feedback (and because I like writing in Finnish) I brought it back. But for the past years it’s been both English and Finnish and that’s why I thought the language version would be a good thing. With this plugin you can’t really not use it after activating.

      I’m actually curious why you decided to write in English?

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      Kirjoitin aluksi vain suomeksi, mutta otin englannin mukaan jossain vaiheessa, kun huomasin että lukijoita on muualtakin maailmasta. Luin myös itse paljon ulkomaalaisia blogeja ja tuntui, että pystyn paremmin kommunikoimaan heidän kanssaan, jos blogissa on englannin käännöksetkin. Välillä olen miettinyt, että ajanpuutteen vuoksi jätän englannin pois, mutta en sitten toisaalta raaski, kun Analyticsin mukaan niin iso osa kävijöistä on Suomen ulkopuolelta.

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