My Wallpaper Up Close And You Still Have Time to Vote

My Wallpaper Up Close And You Still Have Time to Vote

A neighbor visited and told me I should take close ups for the blog of the wallpaper I designed. Since I’m always the one to listen to (wise) advice, here you go. She said from the previous photos you couldn’t see how great the quality of the print is. I must admit I was positively surprised and impressed at the quality myself as well. The wallpaper actually looks like I drew it straight on the wall.

The voting for the wallpaper design competition ends tomorrow and I would really, really appreciate if you took the time and voted. I worked so hard for the design. The winner gets a trip to Paris Design Week next fall, although I’m not sure I would have the courage to travel! Last night was the first time ever I was separated from my youngest baby boy, yaiks! (Actually he’s not so baby anymore, he’s 1,5 years…) It was the second time I spent the night away from my older boy, 4 years old. First time was when I was giving birth to his little brother…

Anyway, you can vote here. It just asks your favorite and in the text box below for your reason why. Thanks in advance!

Flamingos, cupcakes and puppies - Detail of wallpaper design by Jutta Rikola

Kitten - Detail of wallpaper design by Jutta Rikola

Wallpaper design by Jutta Rikola

Flamingot - yksityiskohta tapetista

Wallpaper design by Jutta Rikola

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    Meillä on kyllä pojat samoja ikiä! Pienin 1,5 vuotta tässä kuussa ja esikoinen neljä ensi kuussa. En oo ollut erossa kuin esikoisesta, tosiaan pikkuveljeä synnyttäessä. Pienimmän luota en ole ollut kertaakaan poissa, enkä tiedä mitenkä pärjäisinkään. :D Heh, pojat luultavasti pärjäisivät mutta äidistä ei tosiaan tiedä.

    • 2

      Meillä pojat pärjäsi aivan hienosti, nuorempikin oli nukkunut yön poikkeuksellisesti ilman heräämisiä! :o Mutta minä olin aivan hermona, oli ikävä ja itketti :’D
      Ja kiitos äänestä!!

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