Super Easy Crepe Paper Cherry Blossoms

Super Easy Crepe Paper Cherry Blossoms

Last easter I decorated some branches with DIY paper cherry blossoms and feathers. They were so populat I thought I’d share the instructions here as well. And I mean they’re super easy. You make one flower in a swoosh.

Easy DIY cherry blossom instructions

Materials needed:

  • Crepe paper (pink or white)
  • Pips
  • Washi tape or floral tape
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

This is what you do:

  1. Measure and cut 5 x 16 cm (2” x 6,5”) strips of crepe paper. Make sure the grain goes as shown in the photo.
  2. Accordion fold the strip into 5 parts. Cut the petal shape and open the accordion.
  3. Take 3 pips, fold in half and tape to the end of the strip.
  4. Pinch and wrap the petal strip evenly around the pip. Tape it tightly with washitape (or floral tape if you prefer). Shape the petals carefully by taking the centre of the petal between the thumbs and index fingers and pulling from the center out. This way they will get a rounder and more natural shape.

That’s it! Your cherry blossom is ready! You can secure it to a branch with tape or hot glue.

Super easy paper cherry blossoms

This is what we made last year, it’s a tradition in Finland to decorate branches with colorful feathers for Easter. But it would look just as lovely if you decorated them with just the cherry blossoms.

Easter Bunny hiding

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