Logo And illustration for POP Blogit

Logo And illustration for POP Blogit

A few months back I got to do a fun project that combined my two loves, illustration and graphic design – the header design and logo for POP Blogit. POP Blogit is a group of interior and lifestyle bloggers from my area, Northern Ostrobothnia. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram and web (and I’m one of them too!)

The challenge in making the design was that there are approximately 40 blogs in the group, with varying styles. White and colorful (me), Scandinavian minimalism and romantic, flea market finds and designer products. But there’s two things every blogger has in common: being a woman and having a passion for home decor. So that was my starting point. The bloggers wished for a stylish, black and white design with an accent color. I think the result represents the different styles of the blogs – without being a mess :)

Illustration for POP Blogit by Jutta Rikola

POP blogit -bannerin ainekset

Here’s the building blocks from which I put the final illustration together. I like to make the pencil drawing separate from the ink or watercolor paintings and combine them in Photoshop. That way I get to play with the composition and colors. When the illustration was ready I added the logo text. Below you can see the finished header.

POP Blogit header design and illustration by Jutta Rikola

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