At Home with My Boys

At Home with My Boys

Outside the snow has melted super fast. It looked like this during easter, now almost all the snow has gone. Although I’ve only watched it through the window,our whole family had a nasty stomach flu last week. So we’ve spent several days in pajamas (again). Here are some snapshots from healthier days. When we’re at home we hang out in our PJ’s, sick or not.

Staircase and wooden floor in need of paint

Petals and leaves

My stripey boys <3

Living room

Yellow and black

PS. Looking at the photos you can guess what is our upcoming project for the summer… Yup, painting the floors.

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    Voi mitä vempuloita sohvalla! Jotenkin tutun näköistä, vaikka meidän sohva on vähän erilainen. Ja työkoneet, voikohan ilman sellaisia poikalapsia kasvattaa? :D

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