Kids Room Now

Kids Room Now

I probably haven’t given you a proper tour around the kids room yet and I thought this would be a good time. You see, it’s about to change soon. My youngest is getting too tall for the crib so he’ll need a bigger bed. We have another one like the yellow bed in the photos, together they make a bunk bed. We still need to repair the bed (my husband and his sister used to sleep in them as kids) and when it’s finished my little boy will move from our bedroom into their own room (sigh).

Green vintage writing table and Ikea Ribba picture ledges as book shelves

There’s so many DIY pieces in this room. Like the vintage writing table that we fixed and the faux-dipped wooden boxes to store toys. You can find instructions for painting the boxes here. The book shelf is an Ikea Ribba picture ledge.

Green vintage writing table and Ikea Ribba picture ledges as book shelves

Green vintage writing table and Ikea Ribba picture ledges as book shelves

In the old window we have framed original wallpapers of the house from 1950’s and 60’s.

Original wallpapers framed inside an old window

Yellow and turquoise kids room

Yellow vintage kids' bed in a turquoise room

He have another bed like this waiting in the basement to be sanded and painted. But I’m not sure yet of the color. I really like this yellow so I wouldn’t want to repaint this in any other color. I’m actually considering painting the other bed the same turquoise as the walls. I think it would make the space feel larger since in fact it’s tiny.

The turquoise dresser was actually painted with the same same paint as the walls and I like the effect. It was badly chewed by Mansikki as a puppy so we had to do something about it.

Ok, so this is what the kids room looks like now. Let’s see how it’s going to be in a few months time :)

Vintage lamp and disco ball

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  1. 2

    Sarp, toistaiseksi minä olen saanut päättää kaiken täällä huoneessa, saas nähdä kuinka kauan. Saattaa meidän napero-arkkitehti kohta alkaa itse jo haluta visioida ;D

    Heh, ja pinnojen hiontaa en odota innolla…

  2. 3

    Aivan ihana lasten huone! Kyllä lapset varmassti viihtyvät. Ihailen aina niin muiden värien käyttöä, vaikka oma värpalettini onkin kovin rajallinen – tosin viime aikoina sekin on kyllä saanut lisäväriä kosolti. Tuo lipasta on todella herkullinen ja nuo perinteiset sängyt! Taisin itsekin nukkua tuollaisessa keltaisessa kerrossängyssä. Kaunis huone.

    • 4

      Minäkin nukuin lapsena tuollaisessa sängyssä, valkoisessa tosin. Itse saatan ihailla myös muiden valkoisen käyttöä ja avaria tiloja, mutta ehkä ne sopivat paremmin uusiin koteihin. Ainakin täällä saisi kaataa aika monta seinää, että saisi avaruutta ;)

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