Midsummer Flowers And Vacay Plans

Midsummer Flowers And Vacay Plans

Our backyard is usually at its best on Midsummer and this year too, maybe more than ever. The red poppies and roses seemed to aim their peek on Midsummer Eve. Today, the Midsummer day, it’s raining cats and dogs, very common as well. But lucky me got to snap photos before everything was ruined (hehe).


White roses

Mr Flamingo surrounded by flowers

Roses are white

Our garden is a bit on the wild side

Poppy and midnight sun

The two photos above were taken around midnight, it was such a warm and perfect Midsummer weather. It was so nice to relax with my family. Next week I have to work one more day and then… Vacay! In our household it naturally consists of painting, sanding and painting some more but I’m looking forward to it. It’s so relaxing and meditative. I’ve actively decided to forget all the stress that goes into it. I’m on vacation and I’m going to like it.

The husband is actually now taping all the trimmings and wires and such in the living room. If the hardware store is open tomorrow, we’ll get some paint and paint the walls tomorrow. Yay!

So what about you? Do you have vacation and what are your plans?

Mr Flamingo checking out the aquilegias

Pink and lilac aquilegias

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    Aion vain olla ja tehdä puutarhahommia. Oikeesti tuo vieraseteinen (romuvarasto) pitäisi rapsia valmiiksi ja maalata mutta teen sen ehkä sateisena päivänä, jos isommat vahtivat lapsia. Saapa nähdä. Rapsin sitä ensimmäisen kerran odottaessa esikoista viisi vuotta sitten… :D

    • 4

      Eikö se niin mene, että kun hitaasti ja huolella tekee, niin hyvää tulee :D

      Meilläkin on huolella väännetty omenapuun istuttamisesta 7 vuotta (mies ei jostain syystä halunnut), vaan tänään se tehtiin!

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