Living Room After – 2016

Living Room After – 2016

Here we go! I couldn’t wait until the living room is completely finished (is there such a thing?) I had to share new pics with you NOW. So we’re missing curtains and a piece of art (whatever that might be) above the drums. The cushions are still at the attic, I should go through which ones to keep. The new cushions are by Namia Design that I just recently discovered.

I haven’t read Marie Kondo but an odd desire to clear and declutter the space took over. Perhaps because the room was without furniture for a month and I kind of fell for the empty space. Don’t worry though, I’m not becoming a minimalist or anything!

Vintage with Ikea and DIYs

Lehmus cushion cover by Namia Design



Guess what I got rid of the most?

Home decor magazines, out of all things. It broke my heart a little but it had to be done.

My friend and her family are happy for all the new reading they got. And I still got a few left, I just couldn’t part with all of them. They’re like family photos to me, full of memories (is that crazy?)

Vintage Kirman rug in the living room

Vintage porcelain deer and vintage books

Vintage with Ikea and DIYs

Vintage Kirman rug from DDR

This Persian Kirman rug is the surprise element of the new living room. At least it surprised me. It used to belong to my Grandma and I was thinking about bleaching it. I was actually testing it for size but ended up liking it so much it stayed. It’s a perfect fit, it brings together the space and the drums.

I googled the manufactorer, Halbmond Teppiche and found a stunning but sad video. The company was founded in 1880 and the video was filmed in its abandoned factory in former East Germany. Somehow mesmerizing to watch, you start to imagine how things used to be when the factory was still running.

Vintage Kirman rug in the living room

Electric guitar and bass

Living room with Kirman rug

Here’s how the living room looked like before. The biggest change is the color of the walls. I like it a lot now, the space feels more harmonious and the pale mint goes well with 50’s furniture. And of course my pastel colored cuties. There’s a lot of DIYs in the living room, here are links to their instructions:

Coffee table
Fabric storage buckets
Lightbox (in Finnish only)
Electric guitar and guitar effects
Electric drums


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