Traditional Garden

Traditional Garden

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Hello there! It has been a while. I changed jobs in the beginning of may and things have been busy ever since. But one thing that has helped me relax immensely is our garden. It’s by far not finished – is a garden ever? – but I enjoy hanging out there, picking weeds and planting new flowers. It’s so relaxing just walking around the garden in the morning before going to work, when the sun shines and everything is so still.

My philosophy to gardening is the same as it is to renovating. I want to save as much old as I can. So calling an excavator to remove all existing and replacing it with new was totally out of the question. Besides old perennials are more easy to take care of. But we have added something of our own too. Peonies, hostas and an apple tree. Let’s hope they succeed here as well.







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