Lovely Vintage Rug from Rozenkelim

Lovely Vintage Rug from Rozenkelim

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In the previous post I shared my top 5 tips for decorating with little or no money, now we are back to showcasing products. BUT this was a vintage item (to my defence). So we are still in the eco-friendly recycling zone.

I’ve had a problem in incorporating the hubby’s drums into the rest of the living room. Luckily I’m in a very helpful facebook group full of interior enthusiasts who told me I shouldn’t try to hide them. Instead I should accentuate them. I didn’t want to paint the wall with a darker color to highlight the drums but an area rug was just what I needed.

And so I found the Dutch online shop Rozenkelim full of gorgeous vintage rugs. The one that was a perfect fit size- and color-wise was this vintage dark turquoise one.

Vintage rug from Rozenkelim in our cintage style living room

Cow parsley

Vintage rug

I really like that rough and worn look. The rug feels a bit coarse and might not be the comfiest as a large area rug in a living space but under the drums it doesn’t matter. I think it’s because of the treatment. It’s also a bit of dog hair magnet if your dog happens to be shedding and wants to curl up on the corner of the rug to nap.

Vintage style livingroom

Drums and vintage radio

I must say I’m happy with how the rug defines the music area and at the same time incorporates it into the rest of the room. I think color has a lot to do with that. If you are looking for a rug, you should definitely go check out Rozenkelim. Their selection is great and shipping was fast. The only thing for us non-Dutch is that they haven’t translated all the texts into English. But you can always Google Translate… I didn’t find ordering too difficult.

Vintage rug from Rozenkelim in our cintage style living room

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