We Heart It needs your help

We Heart It needs your help

I didn’t know this, but the wonderful image bookmarking site We Heart It is run by two guys from Brazil, working on the site on their free time. And what a great work they have done. I’ve been using We Heart It for over two years, and I love it. The only problem has been that sometimes the site is quite slow. Today I found out the reason for that too. It has over 4 million pageviews every day! So as you can imagine, it is getting very costly for the guys to run.

We Heart It needs your help

Now they are asking for their users to help them. So if you are like me and love the site, click on over to the site to read more. I think we are so used to getting things for free over the internet, sometimes it’s good to remember, that somebody always pays for it somewhere. And sometimes it’s good to give support and help those whose work we like to keep it going.

We Heart It needs your help

These screenshots are some of the inspiring images I have hearted recently. For image credits, please see my hearts.

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    Mahtavia kuvia!

    Sivustosta en ole kuullut aikaisemmin mutta taidan mennä tutustumaan kun sopiva rako tulee :)

  2. 2

    Kiitos inspiroivasta vinkistä! Kohta siellä moni muukin ja pageviewit lisääntyy :D. Tuommosille sivustoille uppoutuu helposti..

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