Ramsign giveaway: Beautiful enamel signs

Ramsign giveaway

Ramsign is a small Danish company specializing in manufacturing and selling classic enamel signs (house signs and house numbers) based upon original designs and techniques. And you know what, they have offered to donate one of their lovely signs for a giveaway! The winner can decide on the design of the sign and whether they want a name sign or a house number. Ramsign will then manufacture the sign according to wishes, so it will be perfectly suited for the winner. Pretty great, huh?

The Finnish webpage can be found here: emalikyltit.com.

Ramsign giveaway

To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment on this post.

For a bonus entry, blog or tweet about the giveaway with a link back to this blog post. Please leave a second comment if you do.

Ramsign giveaway

The giveaway is open for everyone, and it will end November 15th.
Good luck!

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  1. 4

    Wow they are so pretty! Exactly my style. We could use both a name and a number so I wouldn't know which one to choose if I win!

  2. 19
    Parolan asema

    Aivan mahtava arvonta! Ehdottomasti tarvittaisiin talon numero asemalle, voi kun voittaisi, iiik.. nyt peukut pystyssä!

    Niin, ja todella upeat nettisivut sinulla, taidokasta työtä!

  3. 20

    oh I love the black and white one…It would match my new black and white paint job on the house (and we don't currently have a # on the house!!) fingers crossed!

  4. 22

    This is such a wonderful giveaway! Loving the signs design by Ramsign. Have a lovely merry happy end of the week! Love to you!

    ps: I am loving your new website…the design is awesome! :)

  5. 26

    Minä mukana, ihana.

    En muuten päässyt eilen kotisivuillesi. Macilla toimin ja safari selaimena. Kone vaan jumitti…

  6. 27
    Margot Madison

    Hi Jutta! A BYW friend here and I love your site (though I can't seem to properly "follow" it!)

    I LOVE those beautiful signs!


  7. 28

    Oi miten ihania! Tuollaisesta emalisesta numerokyltistä olen haaveillut jo pitkään..pakko siis osallistua! :)

  8. 30

    Hiphei, mukana ollaan. On pitänyt muuten sanoa että hieno juttu tuo Gifted-lehdessä mukana olo, onnea siitä!

  9. 37

    Oi, olisi ihana voittaa PIUZA-kyltti!:) Nättejä!

    Löysin takaisin blogiisi eilen! Olen käynyt täällä ennenkin, mutta silloin minulla ei vielä ollut omaa blogia.


  10. 47

    Vau!Jollen voita niin tilaan,just se mitä meiltä puutuu,osais vieraatkin perille kun saisi nimen oveen..

  11. 58

    Ihania!! Ehdottomasti pitää osallistua. Luultavasti linkitänkin tämän, mutta kerron siitä sitten erikseen :)

  12. 60

    Love these signs, Jutta! Wow, what a lot of comments already – a popular giveaway! They are so charming. Have a great weekend. – g

  13. 61

    I like the formality of the signs for our older home – also friends can't read our house numbers from the street so an improvement would be great!

  14. 67

    What a lovely giveaway!! These signs are great and your blog is beautiful. Thank you for the offer! Wini (via BYW).

  15. 72

    oh how beautiful! aleays loved these kind of streetsigns..i remember them from the old part of my homecity in sweden…

  16. 76
    Julia Hausfrau

    Lovely! Can I participate from Denmark, or is it too late? Just discovered your blog, and will definitely be coming back.

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