Thanks for 2010, welcome 2011

Hello you all, I’m back! My holiday break was long and I already missed you guys! But it was good to spend all that time off-line. I have been sleeping late, going for more walks with the dogs and washing excessive amount of dishes (the dishwasher broke). Also, the strangest thing happened. I started to cook! I usually never cook, but now I’ve found myself in the kitchen with Panu more and more often. Last night I even found myself bookmarking a recipe for chocolate chips cookies, to prepare later, when we have the chocolate. How odd. But fun. Anyway, now my head is full of ideas for the new year and I’m enjoying the fresh start. How about you, feeling excited for the new year?

I also wanted to send a special thank you to those who have sent traffic my way. Chez Larsson made a thank you list for the blogs bringing most traffic to her site, and I thought it’s a really nice way of showing your gratitude. So that’s what I’m going to do as well. Here’s my Top 11 in honor of 2011:

Creature Comforts
Diagnoosi: sisustusmania

Parolan Asema

Prinsessa ja Auto


time of the aquarius

Valkoista pellavaa


PLUS one more.
m2=nelio has sent the most traffic to the new blog address during the short time it has been up, which I thought deserved a special mention.

So thank you all you lovely people and to anyone else who has linked to my site, I really appreciate it.

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  1. 2

    Yes, I haven’t really cooked for years! Not after we moved together because my husband is much better at it… But now I found it’s fun to cook together.

  2. 3

    New year and a new start is the best thing about January. January is full of hope, and eventhough there is some foolish promises in the mixture it doesnt matter!
    Happy new year and have fun cooking :)

  3. 4

    Kokkaaminen yhdessä on hauskaa, paitsi jos mies haluaa (ja no koska osaa paljon paremmin) tehdä kaiken ja delegoi mulle hommia tyyliin: kuoritko sipulin, sytytätkö (kaasu)levyn/uunin, pesetkö tuon kattilan… Leipominen on enemmän mun juttu!

    Hyvää alkavaa vuotta!

  4. 5

    anni, I totally agree! :)

    Netta, minua on jostain syystä estänyt se että mies on parempi laittamaan ruokaa. Itsellä ne on enempi sellaisia kokeellisia pöperöitä ja olen ehkä ajatellut, että vaikka itse pystyn syömään niitä niin muut ei välttämättä… Mutta nyt olen rohkaistunut itsekin kokeilemaan ja jopa töninyt miestä pois hellan äärestä, että päästä minutkin välillä ;) Leipominen on meilläkin enemmän minun juttu.

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