What to do with cocoa beans?

Cocovi cocoa beans

I got raw cocoa beans from my sister. The instructions on the package say to eat them as such or to dip them in honey. But frankly – and I’m shocked to say this because I’m the worst choco-holic I know – they don’t taste so good. It also tells you can make cocoa nibs out of them, but I don’t know what to do with cocoa nibs either.

I understood that raw cocoa is very healthy and one of the “superfoods” so I’d like to give it a try. But in a form that actually tastes good. So if you have any good tips what to do with cocoa beans I’d love to hear them!

Image source: cocovi.fi

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    I eat cocoa nibs every morning at breakfast. I blend in a bowl handful c.nibs, fresh (or melted frozen) berries usually blueberries and strawberries, soyjugurt, cottage cheese, oat flakes, fresh basil and honey. Occasionally I throw in the mix also almonds, pineseeds etc. and hemp protein powder. This is good! I suggest you to try and if you don’t like at least you’ve tasted. Cocoa nibs are the soul of this mix.

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    Thanks for the tips! I think I’ll try the healthy version first and if I don’t like it, I’ll resort to the less healthy stuff ;)

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    Hi Shoegal, yes I have! I tried your recipe and loved it! So much so I’ve made it many times already and even made the husband try it :)

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    That’s nice to hear! :) It’s just that I love it so much I want to spread the joy to the whole world. And the variations are endless.

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