Klaus Haapaniemi textiles

Klaus Haapaniemi textiles

You probably know by now that I love Klaus Haapaniemi, right? I shared pictures of his oh-so-gorgeous home and showed you his designs in our kitchen (here and here). By the way, the kitchen collection has grown, we got blue Taika mugs as Christmas present.

As I was perusing Musta tuntuu I was reminded of Klaus Haapaniemi’s textile collection that’s out now. And it’s no less gorgeous than the rest of his work. The blueberry rabbit throw is so stunning just looking at it makes me warm :)

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    I have to say I was lightly disappointed with this collection :( I hoped there would had been more colours, more this childish joy that is so significant to Haapaniemi. But no, these are waaayyy too sophisticated! :D
    Well, maybe it’s just better, as I couldnt afford for these pieces like never. (But the Bombroo rug for Tikau is still nice, that one I’d be delighted to have!)

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    I really love his magical style and use of colours. And the patterns are so full of little details, which makes them so interesting!
    ♥ love love

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    Någon Annan - yks Anna

    Miten voikaan olla noin ihana huopa? Tuommoisen kun sais kotiaan kaunistamaan. Toisaalta, oikea kani varmaan söisi sen reikiä täyteen.

  4. 7

    Anna, minulla olisi varmaan samantyyppinen pelko jos meillä olisi noin arvokas huopa. Tosin vähän eri eläin, mutta yhdentyyppinen jyrsijä sekin ;) Tänään oli nimittäin Mansikki pureskellut pienen reiän lautalattiaan.

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