Open shelves and Kusmi tea

Kusmi Tea

Panu has been attaching the kitchen shelves. Finally the open shelves I’ve dreamt of oh so long! First thing I did was put my beatiful tea tins on display.

Kusmi Tea

In Finnish / Suomeksi

Viimeinkin meillä on keittiössä avohyllyt! Olen haaveilut niistä niiiiiiiiin pitkään. Heti ensimmäiseksi piti asetella ihanat teepurkit esille.

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    I know that feeling! It is all so exciting to place things for the very first time on a new shelf. Have fun! Those tins look perfect!!

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    miss b

    oh they look so pretty! and the light makes those colors irresistible, i’m sure they brighten up your day when you grab them : )

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